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Release Cash From Your Pension Without Taking a Pension Loan

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What makes us different?

We won’t be beaten on how much cash you get to keep – Put us to the test, get your free quote today.

Stop and Think. You are different from the next person. Right? And they are different from somebody else. And so on.. all down the line.

There are differences in job types, pension schemes, tax liabilities, cash release expectations, and age.

For all these reasons, our pension release offers are set up on a personal basis – with special attention to your immediate cash needs.

You can use the money for anything you want and there is nothing to pay back because it’s not a pension loan.

Release cash from your pension without putting your pension at risk. Play it safe and still get the money you want.

No Surprises Guarantee – Now or Later.. your bespoke HMRC Registered package will be specifically designed to ensure you get the money you want, whilst ensuring you not heavily penalised for doing so.

You are in exactly the right place If you are looking for a stable, secure and flexible pension cash service which has been available for the best part of 25 years.

Getting started is simple and easy.

Your personal team of pension specialists and tax planners will help and keep you up to date, every step of the way.

You will always be kept in the loop with updates online, in real-time.

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Release Your Pension In Days

We typically release pensions in 4 weeks to 6 weeks depending on how quickly you sign and return paperwork.


No Fee, No Credit Checks, No Repayments

Our service is free and there is no obligation on your part.


Release £1,000's

Pension changes in 2015 mean you can now cash in 100% of your pension before retirement. At least 25% of your pension can released tax free. This may be higher in the case of frozen or dormant pensions.


Anyone With a Pension Over £50,000

Use The cash to pay for anything you want. There are no credit checks, no upfront fees and no hidden fees or repayments.


Secure, Tax Free and Financial Privacy

Secure and flexible options, with no penalties or Repayments.


Priority Service

Online progress tracking – Stay informed every step of the way.

How Much Could You Get?

It's Free

No risk, No fee

We do not charge for our fact finds! If you choose not to proceed with the offers available to you after everything has been explained to you, then there are no charges at all!

Normally you can only release 25% of your pension as a tax-free lump sum when you retire. With a frozen or dormant pension, you might be able to unlock cash before retirement in certain circumstances this could be up to 45% of the total pension value.

Complete our Free Fact Find Request Form Today and get a personal agent assigned to your case.


Suitable Pensions

  • Private Pensions
  • Company Pensions
  • Final Salary Pensions
  • Old Company and Personal Pensions
  • Any frozen or dormant pensions

If your pension is dormant (an old private or company pension you are no longer paying into) then there is a good chance you have options.

  • State pensions are not eligible
  • Unfortunately, not eligible if you are drawing from your pension already

How It Works

1. When You request a FREE fact find using the form above, you will be assigned a dedicated agent who will help you decide if you are eligible for any pension release or unlock services.

2. If you are eligible, you will have a clear understanding of the maximum sum you can release tax-free. If you are happy to proceed, the funds in your old pension will be transferred to a new pension provider.

3. a lump sum payment, when the transfer is complete, will be made to you for you to do with as you wish.

What Is The Fact Find?

We do …

Offer all the necessary information about the options available to you in order to make an informed decision as to whether releasing cash from your pension is the right thing for you.

You will benefit from our “Whole of Market Product Offer” which simply means – You will get a comprehensive list of options based on your requirements and circumstances through our large network of providers. All products are HMRC registered.

We don’t …

Provide financial or investment advice to you in relation to your pension, and as such we are not regulated by the FCA. We serve as an introducer of business to a select list of pension transfer, provider, and investment companies.